Saturday, July 12, 2014

Poulet - French Themed Bistro @ Chinatown Point [Singapore]

Poulet started its operations officially in Bugis+ from July 2012 and was an immediate hit! The queue was so freaking long; i never had a chance to try its signature Poulet Roti until it expanded to ten outlets two years down the road! 

So here i was; at its Chinatown Point branch. I admit i am never one who follows the 'food trend' and i believe many of you had already dined at the bistro, maybe even more than once! However, pictures taken should not be put to 'waste'! Furthermore, i do require the help of my own review if i am ever going to have my meals at Poulet again. 

Mushroom Soup
After going through quite a number of unimpressive mushroom soups recently, i must say the soup was creamy, rich and so full of buttery goodness! The only complaint i had was the lack of mushroom bits (which would have otherwise thoroughly made this a must-have). I would love to have more croutons too! 

Poulet Roti (Half)
In French, poulet means chicken and to have the bistro naming itself after the poultry that gives us white meat, i guess their chicken dishes should be something they are good at. 

It did look incredibly appetising and i could not wait to tear away the thin layer of roasted chicken skin! For those who are unaware, i adore chicken skin although limited generally to only the roasted / fried / BBQ version! 

The meat was very well-marinated (said to be a traditional recipe) and its flavour was evenly distributed as a result of slow roasting! What set this apart from other roasted chicken was the pool of cream sauce surrounding the chicken; it wasn't as flavourful as the mushroom soup yet perfectly right as a "'dip' for the meat! 

What i didn't quite enjoy was to see that my half chicken had parts of rawness! Honestly, this put me off and to make matters worse, the cream sauce was a tad too heavy for my stomach; i could literally feel my stomach exploding! Recommendation for future visits; half chicken can be shared by two persons.

Despite my full tummy, there is always room for desserts (not i say one, the Lau sisters are the ones who taught me this). As usual, i never did quite like coffee-based desserts. My friends enjoyed it though!

Tarte Framboise
Without the scoop of vanilla ice cream, this would have been a total disaster. The puffy tart had that unacceptable taste that screamed of either staleness or the wrong use of butter / oil! Hope this is a one-off incident or the bistro should seriously reconsider taking this off the menu. 

Peach Clafoutis
This was thankfully the saving grace; if not i would have left badly disappointed by Poulet's desserts. This would be what i would classify as a warm, comfy dessert; the base was warm, tasted like bread pudding with an egg flavouring that was somewhat similar to souffle! Nice! 


133, New Bridge Road,
#02-40, Chinatown Point


As above.

Mushroom Soup - S$5.80
Poulet Roti (Half) - S$15.80
Tiramisu - S$7.80
Tarte Framboise - S$8.90
Peach Clafoutis - S$7.90
[Subject to GST & Service Charge]

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