Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunday Folks - Sister Branch of the Famous 'Creamier' @ Chip Bee Gardens [next to Holland Village MRT Station]

Waffle lovers take note: introducing to all of you "Sunday Folks", another new entrant in the market (literally just fresh off the oven) said to be the sister branch of the highly acclaimed Creamier

Now, some comparisons are no doubt necessary and the key difference is on spaciousness in the new outlet. This is a stark contrast from the elbow-to-elbow, butt-to-butt seating we had to endure back in Toa Payoh! 

Furthermore, the much awaited cake counter! To accommodate the display of eye-pleasing cakes, sacrifices have to be made with the noticeable absence of the ice cream counter. So does that mean our waffles would be served plain? Not really and i shall explain shortly. 

Before i begin with the desserts, anyone care to guess the purpose of the golden bird? 

It's a water dispenser for our plain water! As you can probably see from the pictures so far, the decor at Sunday Folks was designed more like a coffee house for a nice get-together with family and friends. 

Mixed Berries Cake
I think this is the name for the cake; the display name wasn't available and the best bet was to ask the cashier. He wasn't that sure although his "senior" told him something to the aforementioned effect. Oh well, name doesn't matter. You can call it "shitty cake" and i might still order for its novelty so long i am assured it doesn't contain any 'waste material'. 

I digress; similar to Japanese sponge cake, i found the berries (there was a whole strawberry buried in all that cream) to be a tad too sour even though this was offset by the absolutely sweet yet light cream. Does it justify the S$7.90 price tag? Hm.... not really. 

Belgian Waffles w Madagascar Vanilla
Yeah!! There was indeed ice cream but it wasn't the "scoop" type we are accustomed to. That was instead replaced by soft serve ice cream, also said to be handcrafted, with only six available flavours at the moment; sea salt gula melaka, dark chocolate, earl grey lavender, roasted pistachio, summer strawberries and of course, Madagascar vanilla. 

Using the same recipe as 'Creamier' (i double confirmed this with the staff), my first bite of the waffle told me it was strangely better; the gush of delicious aroma, the crispier texture and overall, a nicer flavour. 

A pity on the use of soft serve ice cream though as it has the tendency to melt faster and this compromises the happiness of individuals who love to have a bit of ice cream in every bite of waffle! Individuals like me! In addition, the soft serve Madagascar vanilla just didn't taste as rich (and as fulfilling) as its "scoop" cousin. 

Given the not-so-fantastic soft serve ice cream, i simply have to express my appreciation to the owner for adding the following line to the menu "all waffles come with maple syrup and chocolate hazelnut sauce".


44, Jalan Merah Saga,
#01-52, Chip Bee Gardens

As above (red star).

Opening Hours
12noon till 10pm daily
Closed on Mondays. 

As above

Mixed Berries Cake - S$7.90
Belgian Waffles w Madagascar Vanilla - S$11.90
[No GST, No Service Charge]


  1. Hi there!!!

    May I ask, from Holland V station, which Exit? :)


    1. Hallo Yan Yee!

      You may take Exit A from Holland V Station.

      Enjoy the desserts!


  2. Dear Cavin,

    Thanks for sharing Sunday Folks on your blog. My fav is Earl Grey Lavender ice cream. :)

    I am one of the designers of this cafe. You took some nice pics of this cafe, I wonder if it is ok for me to upload some of your pics for my online portfolio?

    Hear from you soon! Thank you.

    Shirley K.

  3. Dear Cavin,

    My fav ice cream is Earl Grey Lavender and Salted Gula Malacca.

    I am one of the designers of this cafe. You took some nice pics of this cafe. Is it ok for me to upload some of your pics on my personal online portfolio?

    Let me know. Hear from you soon! Thank you.

    Sok Ee

    1. Sure! I have already replied your email with the pictures. :)