Thursday, July 24, 2014

Threading - An Absolutely Refreshing Alternative to Tweezing @ Esware Beaute [Near West Coast Plaza]

I often commented to my friends that a good pair of tweezers was all i need to clear away the irritating facial hair surrounding my mouth and chin! However, tweezing consumes a lot of my time and like many men, i do fall into a state of laziness occasionally. 

That's when a few colleagues started to recommend threading at a shop they frequently patronised; Esware Beaute at West Coast which offers good rates, speedy yet skillful services! 

To be honest, i have always thought that threading, an ancient hair removal technique, was reserved purely for ladies and to use it on a man had never really crossed my mind. Whatever the case, one of my colleagues QUESTIONED my threshold of pain and to prove her wrong, i am determined to go through my first session of threading. 

It actually wasn't bad and in fact, much more manageable than tweezing (there were quite a number of times i could not control myself from shedding a few drops of tears when i was tweezing)! As an onlooker, it can look kind of painful, especially when the threads interlocked to 'pull' up the skin!

As a person who was seated on the chair, there was only one word i would use to describe the experience. Therapeutic. And it's definitely a must for me to visit again! What the lady removed in less than five minutes can take me more than twenty minutes! 

By the way, why didn't i make a bet with my colleague?!?!?!!? I could have won myself a free lunch with maybe free ice cream thrown in as well! 


Block 725, Clementi West Street 2,
#01-200 [Near West Coast Plaza]

Removal of Facial Hair (Chin) - S$5

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