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Next Door Deli - A Rarity in a HDB Neighbourhood @ 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 [Next to Pine Garden's Cake Shop]

Next Door Deli - sticking out like a sore thumb in a HDB neighbourhood, i chanced upon the comfortable looking cafe while loitering around the area after finishing my wanton mee from Cheng San Food Centre.

Owned by the very owner of Pine Garden's Cake Shop that gives us the famous Lychee Martini cake, i was interested to give this Western/Asian deli a try but could hardly stomach another food session! 

I made it a point to return and i really did within one week; bringing along Alex, my younger sister and my little cousin who has finally turned twenty one years old!

Wok Fried Mee Siam
Although this wok fried version might have seem refreshing for many Singaporeans who are more accustomed to seeing a soupy dish, this was definitely not the first time i have tasted a "fried" variation. 

The spiciness would satisfy those chilli queens (or kings) but overall, i found this mee siam to be overly flavourful without any hint of the signature peanut fragrance so evident in this Asian dish! To put it bluntly, there was hardly any similarity.

Sausage Platter
I am not a big fan of bangers and would be equally satisfied with the frozen packs of Valley Chef hotdogs available in supermarkets. Therefore, i could only say i am neutral with the three given sausages and was in fact more drawn towards the hot and crunchy French Fries!  

Maybe i should elaborate a bit more on the bangers; the longest one had the softest content while the thinner, middle sized sausage was the hardest with a stronger flavour. The shortest one was my sister's favourite and featured a black peppery seasoning. My take? Go for the fries!

Pacific Dory Fillet with Classic Fries
When this was placed on our table, the look on our faces gave us away; the dark-coloured fillets did appear to be too well cooked and the thin batter was not exactly Alex's, the fish and chips guru, favourite.  

Thankfully, the light batter tasted surprisingly nice and a bite of the fish meat gave one the impression that it could jolly well have been farmed just that morning!

Crispy Grilled Chicken Steak
My order (could not resist not ordering after seeing the word crispy). Before i start with the meat, i would like to give a special mention to the delicious garlic bread!!

Okay, back to the piping hot chicken steak; meat wise, it did not generate much surprise and tasted as normal as the ones mom made. I was more delighted with the smacking good crispy skin even though i have to admit that the layer of oil lying at the bottom of the plate would not sit well with any cardiologist! 


Block 529, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10,
#01-2369 [Next to Pine Garden's Deli]

As above

Check out the website for opening hours! 


Wok Fried Mee Siam - S$6.00
Sausage Platter - S$14.90
Pacific Dory Fillet with Classic Fries - S$8.90
Crispy Grilled Chicken Steak - S$7.80
[No GST. No Service Charge]

As above. Do note that there were special dishes of the day not reflected in the picture. 

Additional Information
Top up S$3.50 to your main course for a soft drink and a dessert. More on desserts at a later post! 

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