Thursday, November 01, 2012

Time to Leave NUS

It was a dilemma for more than a year but i finally made the official move to tender my resignation yesterday.

There are far too many reasons why i chose to leave and i am not going to list down each and everyone of them. Most importantly, i feel that there is a need for me to decide my next path in life. 

My entry into the education industry was purely incidental (i could never imagine myself surviving in an office environment before this); it started when a friend in the faculty of arts and social sciences asked if i am interested to join and i happened to be jobless (and in serious need of dough money)! 

That conversation seemed so recent but it has been an invigorating five over years since i joined NUS with one and a half years in the Dean's Office and the rest in the department. 

With fun loving colleagues who never cease to create noise in the stiffening office environment and the many students who never stop in making my day a blessed one, i am always afraid that this decision to leave without a job would turn out to be a wrong move. 

Nonetheless, i remain hopeful that i would be the sole winner for the next TOTO! If not, please wish me luck on either earning S$7,000 a month as a cab driver or making my first million dollars as a highly successful rojak uncle!

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