Monday, November 26, 2012

Toad Tomb [蟾蜍坟墓] @ Choa Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery [蔡厝港坟场]

Chua from SPI brought us to a total of three tombs that are shaped like animals and given the scale of the Chinese cemetery at Lim Chu Kang, i believe there are more than just the three of them. 

The above was the third and likely the one that borrowed most heavily from the art of Feng Shui! One glance and you would be drawn to the seven crystal stones embedded on the toad's back; the famous star constellation known as the Big Dipper. 

Unlike other gravestone, there was no indication of the deceased's date of birth and death. Most weirdly, it was engraved with two lines of Chinese characters that intrigued us. 

Left line, 金蟾六顺通 - again, i have to separate the words; 金蟾 is translated as golden toad and is well known in the Chinese community to be a legendary creature that can spit out gold. Some superstitious Chinese families would place one at home to enhance the family fortune and prosperity. 六顺通 is likely a reference to smooth, uncluttered delivery which would sound right when it comes to money!

Right line, 北斗七星劫 - this is interesting. In the beginning, i assumed that the installation of this toad tomb was to counter a misfortune that has befallen the family. 

But according to my Google checks, this is a hard to master geomancy method with an intent to rob the Big Dipper and use its future life force to make the family unbeatable for a period that will supposedly last for 180 years!!

Cool right?!


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Ignore my comments if you disagree... just trying to add a possible conclusion.

    It may be he is following Shen Diao Xia Nu story.. This seems like Ouyang Feng and Hong Qi Gong.. So the guys treats himself as Yang Guo burying him at Hua San.

    My guess is he died because of 6-star and 7-star clash or what is known as Cross-Sword-Sha.

    1. =_=||| i marvel at your imagination.
      Of course, it is a possibility....


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