Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Make Your Own Nutella Ice Cream - Topped with Almond Nuts!

I have been complaining for the longest time that the Nutella ice cream (which happens to be my favourite) from Island Creamery is no longer as satisfying as the first time i tried it! 

It was a matter of taking things into one's own hands when i impulsively purchased a tub of cheap vanilla ice cream from Nestle and a giant bottle of Nutella during one of our family's hypermarket trips. 

Details are not necessary in this instance as preparation is really simple; find an empty box [i prefer lock & lock], spread a layer of vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the box follows by another layer of nutella [this is a bit tricky and i would suggest pouring the content directly from the bottle] and finally a top layer of vanilla ice cream.

For a more savoury munch, sprinkle a fine layer of roasted nuts [i chose almond nuts which were specially hand carried from Chengde, China]. 

Cheap ice cream turns soft rapidly under normal room temperature and the texture would need a bit of refrigeration to toughen up for the great delivery into my mouth. 

The ready product.

Look at those chunky pieces of solidified hazelnut cocoa that were a far cry from the pathetic thin flakes offered by Island Creamery! And to put it in very practical sense, my way proves to be way cheaper even though the cost would increase if you choose to buy a better quality vanilla ice cream!

What are you waiting for? Go and make a tub of nutella ice cream yourself! 


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Wow!!!! Amazing!!!! I looove your blog! You're one pf the best bloggers i've come across! I just tried this and i'm in love

    1. Awww! Thank you so much for your kind comment! :)


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