Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winner for Chef Tony's Popcorn Giveaway - Xavier Tang!

The winner for this blog's very first giveaway [a small tub of Chef Tony's Belgian Butter] has been chosen using a very traditional method i was exposed to when i was very young! 

Thanks Mum! 

Each submitted entry was given a serial number that was written onto a tiny piece of paper. Each and every piece was then lovingly folded up and cupped using my palms for a few good shakes! 

For fairness, i had to disturb a very hardworking Alex and beg him to randomly pick any piece of paper [who wants to buy/sell/rent a property can call him at 81129284 - his reward for helping me]!

Number 5 is the lucky number.
And the winner is Mister Xavier Tang!


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