Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Need a Good View for a Picnic?

Judging from the above picture, could you actually guess where i was? Relaxing at a cafe on top of a hill while sipping my tiny cup of espresso? Let me give a few more hints!

I can see the towering skyscrapers at Singapore's Central Business district and the iconic pinnacle@duxton.

At another angle, i could also see vehicles zipping along the West Coast Highway that is convenient for those staying in the west except for one thing; it does not provide a direct exit for motorists going to Vivocity and Sentosa! 

Universal Studios Singapore was right opposite where i stood!

By this time, it should be pretty clear cut although i have to emphasize that i was not in any of the office blocks and the place has no air-conditioning. In fact, it should be considered as a very polluted place.

Answer : Carpark at Harbourfront Centre!

This beautiful view [of Marina at Keppel Bay] was tempting enough for me to almost bring out my collapsible table and chairs and set it up for a nice picnic! If only the smokers and the cars' exhaust fumes can get out of the way! 

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