Friday, August 28, 2015

Kubur Kassim Muslim Cemetery - A Teaser

Today's the witching 15th day of the 7th lunar ghost month and i thought it's most fitting to have a posting on cemeteries since it's been quite a while from the last one

I am not going to share the actual location of this Muslim cemetery today as i am supposed to return for more photo-taking with better protection; not from the spirits, jinns or ghosts. It's for the swarms of vicious looking mosquitoes within the premise!

In all honesty, i was just driving aimlessly in the private estate at the affluent Eastern part of Singapore when we drove past ancient looking gate. Curiosity got to the Gang of Four and we decided to park the car nearby and walk over for a closer look.

Peeling paint, dry weeds sprouting from the corners, a written language that i could not understand; elements of a mystical past that simply intrigued people like me.

Thankfully i did make out the words "Kubur Kassim" on one of the pillars. This shall allow me to research more on the cemetery for a more substantial entry in the future.

I was gunning to go in and check out its peaceful environment but the rest of the Gang of Four were not keen for a few reasons; the place was deserted, the mosquitoes were in plain sight and there was an eeriness to the cemetery even in the daytime. 

There's no way you would find me walking in myself given my phobia for snakes (likely in abundance in such nature) and i had to abandon the exploration! Did manage to take a few photos of the tombs from OUTSIDE the cemetery.

Squeezed in my lens against the fence for this photo. The cemetery was rather big and i would definitely be back to check it out. Who is willing to accompany me?!?!?! 

p.s. think pretty safe lah as the burial ground is so near to the private housing. We just need to holler and i bet someone would call the police / ambulance for help! 

- to be continued -

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