Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Improvised Tuk Tuk To Deter Bag Snatchers! @ Bangkok [Thailand]

The availability of tuk tuk and its convenience of being able to weave in and out of the infamous traffic gridlocks in Bangkok mean i have no qualm in adopting it as the preferred mode of transport when i am not near to a BTS / MRT station.

In the recent trip i made in August, there was a noticeable visual difference in the tuk tuks i took; a net was installed on the right side and i am sure it's not to beautify the vehicle (no, not with the spider web design). 

I wasn't too sure what it was for until i happened to look at a notice on another tuk tuk which happened to stop next to ours at a traffic junction! 

This net can supposedly help to protect passengers from bag snatchers! Many tuk tuks owners have joined the programme but there are some who understandably resisted. For the sake of your belongings and to persuade those detractors, we should do our part as tourists.

Don't take tuk tuk that doesn't come with the net! 
For more information on the net protecting programme, click here

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