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Sukhumvit Soi 38 Food Street (Night) @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Honestly, i didn't know anything about Sukhumvit Soi 38 until someone shared a posting by AroiMakMak (a comprehensive blog guide for Bangkok lovers) and i knew then that i had to check it out in my next visit!

I was surprised that the street wasn't as long and as crowded as i thought it would be at dinnertime; kind of feel bad to suggest this place to the rest of the travel mates who might be better off staying put at Pratunam.

Since both Alex and i still had some time to spare before meeting up with the rest, we walked around to get a feel of the atmosphere. The lack of bustle, unlike in places like Chinatown etc, had him asking me twice if this was indeed famous.

Nevertheless, i was unfazed as my main objective in visiting was to check out the Daniel Thaiger mobile food truck that served supposedly awesome American burgers! Couldn't find it at all! :( Maybe it wasn't the opening hours yet.

Met up with the rest at 7.00 pm and i had to bring a fellow friend to seek out shops that sell slippers as one of her had slipped through the wide gap between the platform and train at the BTS station! One piece of useful information should the same happen to you; visit the 7-11 convenience stores!

When i was back after twenty minutes, the street was in "night mode". It was more crowded although not on the massive scale i had expected. Anyway, i found the whole group in the area as reflected in the direction of the red arrow above.

Quite a number of food establishments along the street for them to choose and being Singaporeans / Malaysians, they have to choose one with sheltered seating! Haha. To be fair, that inlet had about 4-5 food stalls which would have been sufficient for a varied meal.

Many of them were halfway through their meal and a friend's daughter offered me a stick of the BBQ chicken (20 baht; less than S$1); so fattening yet so good!

I also stole a bite from the fried rice and fried oyster; former was deliciously infused with wok hei while the latter just affirmed my conviction that fried oyster outside of Malaysia and Singapore would not likely appeal to our taste buds. 

Fruit Juice
I was in need of liquid more than food due to a filling "tea break" at Tohkai Sushi and the haste in finding new slippers! The one right at the start of the soi looked quite popular and i started queuing in front of a Japanese customer.

Price list for your ease of reference (generally less than S$2 a cup)!

Guess Yogurt fruit juice has yet to catch on in Bangkok but i am fine with purely fruit-based juices. From the look of the above, want to guess what would be my eventual choice?

I usually could not resist passionfruit juice although i had a suspicion that sweet syrup was added to this cup to improve its palatability.

After gushing down the passionfruit juice in record time, i was in seek of desserts which would sweeten my stomach further and this stall with a wide range or roti caught my attention.

Went with the best seller; roti + egg + banana + chocolate at 55 baht. 

This wasn't my first time trying this Thai style roti which was supposed to be similar to the roti prata we have back in Singapore; albeit sweeter. The one at Rotini tasted more like thicker crepes and apart for the saccharine slices of banana, wasn't my cup of tea.

Ning's Mango Sticky Rice
Next up was the mango sticky rice (80 baht or 100 baht, depending on size of mangoes)! Put it this way, with that many ripe mangoes (and accolades) sticking into your face, it would be a total waste if you didn't order any! 

The way she handled and manipulated the small knife was so precise! I would hate to get into a fight with her lest she cuts my main artery with just one fast swipe. 

Served with warm glutinous rice drenched in fresh coconut milk, the mangoes were sweet and complemented so well with the sweet mango! 

The biting sensation was enhanced further with the crispy mung beans on the side! I think i would get super fat if i ever work in Bangkok; bet i would have this sinful dessert every single day! 


Aside from the American burgers, the other stall i regretted not trying (no thanks to my full tummy) is the blazing Pad Thai above! So far, the only one that remains top on my list hailed from Krabi

Sukhumvit Soi 38,
Bangkok, Thailand

How to Get There
Take BTS to Thong Lo Station and proceed towards Exit 4.

Exit 4 is actually the staircase down as shown in the above picture and Soi 38 is as indicated on the picture with a red arrow. 

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