Sunday, August 23, 2015

Apollo Fresh Cockle Fried Kway Teow - Wet and Garlicky! @ 84 Marine Parade Central Hawker Centre [Singapore]

I hold fond memories of Marine Parade hawker centre as i used to work in a pet shop at the nearby Parkway Parade and given the paltry pay i was receiving then as a teenager, that hawker centre proved to be the most economical place for me to fill my tummy!

Out of the many stalls, Apollo Fresh Cockle Fried Kway Teow was one of the memorable ones as the char kway teow style differed vastly from the ones commonly found in other places. I read on the news that the operators were thinking of giving up the stall and made a mental note to pay it a visit before it closes for good.

At S$3 a plate, the quantity did appear to be much lesser than what i used to have (which was quite a number of years ago, i admit) and appearance wise, its pale look didn't quite evoke an immediate appetite. 

This was a case where presentation and taste didn't commensurate with each other; it was wet as promised and the pieces of chopped up, nicely fried kway teow was drenched in the sauce that didn't seem overly black yet retained the nostalgic sweetness that i remember. 

Another feature of Apollo was its heavy infusion of garlic and this might be off putting to those who would not step into a restaurant like Mad for Garlic. Cockles wise, i couldn't comment since i don't take it but if it matters, i counted about 5-6 of them and my friend loved them! 


Block 84, Marine Parade Central,
#01-174, 84 Marine Parade Central Food Centre

S$3 or S$5 a plate

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