Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Charcoal Black Honey Thick Toast - Definitely Caught Me By Surprise @ Stateland Cafe

I was supposed to bring my friends to try out the toffee nut waffle that was ingrained in my mind as a darn good dessert to conclude a food-filled trail but our dear Stateland Cafe had decided to overhaul their menu! 

In spite of complaints that they were too full, we could not help ordering one main course and two servings of desserts. To be fair, they were to be shared among five persons. 

Mentaiko A.O
A.O means Aglio Olio by the way and i have been waiting to try mentaiko for the longest time ever after reading a few postings about it by!

Personally, i really enjoyed the extremely strong infusion of garlic that had a generous sprinkling of chilli flakes and with a dollop of salty, savoury mentaiko! It was like placed in a different genre of pasta altogether and the only two complaints were; too oily and way too much garlic! 

Banana Creme Brulee
From the way it was branded, you should get an inkling this would be the few instances where the ingredients would likely over-shine the waffles.

We were right; the two thin slices of caramelised banana, candied walnuts and sugar glass were delicious to have for any person with a sweet tooth and, the cinnamon scented yeasted waffle was in comparison, bland. 

Charcoal Thick Toast
Thick toast is the rage nowadays and Stateland Cafe made the bread themselves to ensure their freshness! This being my first time sinking my teeth in the trendiest dessert in Singapore, i wasn't expecting much and thought it could likely be similar to the thick thick, gao gao toast found in some kopitiams.

So, so wrong! The crunchy texture was a nice prelude of what was to follow a few moments later; an amalgamation of buttery sweetness as a result of honeyed toast, liquid marshmallows, coconut ice cream, salted caramel and toasted nuts! So good i was actually willing to buy another plate just for myself! And no, it didn't taste burnt at all! 


32, Bali Lane 
[Parallel to Haji Lane]

As above.

Mentaiko A.O - S$13.90
Banana Creme Brulee - S$14.90
Charcoal Thick Toast - S$14.90

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