Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frozen Korea Ice Dessert Cafe @ City Vibe [Next to Clementi Mall]

The first word would have caught the immediate attention of little girls (and some said, boys) who are totally obsessed with the computer animated film that give us the epic song, Let It Go! 

Aside from using some of the movie characters' name, this was essentially a Korean-style cafe serving ice desserts with flat screen TVs screening Korean variety shows and entertainment. 

To boost its Korean authenticity, you have an option to sit cross legged and get your legs numbed in the designated section; note, if you have smelly feet (as i sometimes do in the weather we live in), do be considerate and insist on the section with chairs. 

Menu was limited but i thought it would be sufficient for a dessert cafe. You may click the picture for a better look; my apology that it turned out more blurred than expected. Anyway, here's what we had that day. 

Elsa Cookie & Cream Ice Flakes
You know the many times when you look at the plastic food replicas on display, expected the real thing to be the same and left disappointed when it was eventually served to you? An issue you would not have in Frozen; the dessert was as humongous as the one on display!

The staff, feeling quite sure it was our first time digging into the bingsu, came over to our table and explained the best way to enjoy it; start by eating the cream with Oreo crumbs, mix the ice with them and slowly make your way down to the bottom, where the milk is! 

Thankfully, we did follow his advice and thought it was a refreshing dessert over our local ice kacang. The ice was a bit coarse though but it did add to the texture, especially when mixed in with the cookie crumbs. 

Olaf Fruite Castle - Honey Melon 
Borrowing its name from the irritating yet adorable snowman in Frozen, this would be one dessert kids would fall for and insist their parents to pay the S$12.90.

Not sure about you; it does look like a terrible massacre with a pile up of beheaded snowmen heads lying on a bed of ice shavings! Haha, anyway, this would be a guaranteed half a honeydew and definitely fit for more than 2 persons!

Sadly, this was less impressive and it didn't help that the balls of melon were not fruity sweet. It might be better to replace honeydew with rockmelon.

Even the snowman ice cream failed to save the day.


3151, Commonwealth Avenue, 
City Vibe Mall, #01-13/14
[Near Clementi MRT]

As above

Elsa Cookie & Cream Ice Flakes - S$13.90
Olaf Fruite Castle - Honey Melon - S$12.90
[No GST / Service Charge]

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