Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skinny Pizza [What a Crack] - Uniquely Good Pizzas @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, City Hall, Singapore

After that expensive meal at Pizzeria Mozza a year ago, i figured i might as well stick to the usual Pizza Hut pizzas that provide better satisfaction at lower cost.

Therefore, i wasn't that enthusiastic in the few occasions that Jenny suggested having our irregular meet up at Skinny Pizza; in my opinion, there are many other types of food worth trying besides the round, flat bread.

My conviction remained staunch until Vannie told me she managed to secure these Skinny Pizza vouchers at half price! I am a discount whore when it comes to food!

The number of filled up tables wasn't assuring when we arrived at its branch at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Of course, i have to remember that this particular shopping centre had a super high density of food outlets and it was a fact that we arrived after the usually busy lunch hours [it was 3.30pm].

My eyes lit up with both curiousity and nostalgia when i saw this - a weird cucumber mocktail served in a traditional metal cup that was used in many households twenty years ago!

Kampong Glam
Ordering Kampong Glam, as the cucumber mocktail was known, was a right choice! It was refreshingly thirst quenching and was one of the better drinks i had in ages.

Riverside Raspberry Julep
Despite its bombastic name, this beverage tasted just like a disappointingly normal lychee drink i could have in any dessert stall at a hawker centre.

On the grounds that a typical side (French fries and other finger food etc) in Skinny Pizza would set us back by S$6 to S$7, we decided to fully utilise the standing promotion of S$15 for any three sides!

Sweet potato nibblets, a 25-centimeter long sausage and truffle fries were our selection. And damn were we grateful to the recommendation on the menu (tagged as Skinny Favourite).

The nibblets, peppered with sugar crystals, were super addictive whereas the sausage was deliciously juicy. Normal fries can never be compared to truffle fries, which leave a pungent, strong tasting wasabi-like sensation in your mouth but yet secretly enticing for a truly fries lover.

Now coming to the stars of the day; pizzas!

Squid Ink Pizza
Highly recommended by foodies, i had never known squid ink can be used as the main ingredient for the base of a pizza!

Freshness aside, it was a generous spread of squid (suspected to have been grilled to perfection beforehand) on the pizza and rarely could we have something that actually looked better than the picture on the menu.

Skinniest, crispiest and crackiest base is Skinny Pizza's food philosophy. And they are not kidding on what they believe in! The base was indeed the skinniest, crispiest and crackiest i ever have although i would have better enjoyed a base with more "bite".

Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza
A must order for all mushroom lovers.

According to the menu's description, it was topped with roasted mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil and fresh parmesan cheese. Given its dark colour, it is not difficult to guess what kind of mushroom was used in the preparation of this pizza.

Most of us are aware that mushrooms have a naturally earthy flavour. However, the use of expensive truffle oil further enhanced the earthiness, making this pizza extremely yummicilious for a mushroom lover like myself.

Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake
Don't ask me how the three of us can stomach this after all the food indulgence above.

Truthfully, it was as sinful and as rich as it looked in the photograph. I am not so much a chocolate lover and thought a scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side would complete this dessert.


I totally enjoyed the pizzas in Skinny Pizza that day even though, as mentioned previously, my only disagreement is with the almost bite-less base.

The management seems to be aware of that and have recently introduced "pizza with a fatter body"! *poster taken from Skinny Pizza website*

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre
(Above City Hall MRT Station)

Please call 6333-5069

Kampong Glam - S$6
Riverside Raspberry Julep - S$6
3 Sides - S$15
Squid Ink Pizza - S$23
Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza - S$23
Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake - S$9.50

Subject to GST and Service Charge.


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