Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dorayaki (どらやき aka 铜锣烧) from Japan

With great thanks to the parents of a Japanese colleague, my office recently received a classic box of dorayaki specially flown in from Japan!

Each one was professionally wrapped and to ensure its freshness, the expiry was kept especially short. Bet serving quality food is mentioned in the company's vision.

I would have never suspected this was made a few days ago given the vividness of the toasted pancakes plus its shapely outlook! Doraemon will love to get his hands paws on this!

Mmmmm... one word - delicious!

A bit cold as the pancakes have to be kept at a cool temperature of below 15 degrees celcius. But the dorayaki remained as fragrant as if it was freshly made and the chunky red bean paste tasted surprisingly moist.

A second helping was warranted and i had to force myself from grabbing a third! Damn, i am supposed to be losing weight!!!


Ingredients info - if you are interested to know what gets into your stomach. From a few Chinese characters known as Kanji in the Japanese language, i can basically make out egg, beans, flour, sugar, honey etc.

Want to know more about dorayaki?
Click HERE.

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