Monday, August 08, 2011

Unexpected Entry - A 'Secretive' Fishing Spot?

Picture this - a black and white barrier that is supposed to be an obvious signal for restricted area was right in front of me. What should i do?

It was bright daylight and even though i was alone, i am in a damn adventurous mood. Add that to my insatiable curiousity and it's a blinking "danger" sign!

The clear concrete path proved too hard to ignore and i slowly made my way down. For a moment, i thought i should make a call to mom.

Just in case karma decides to pay a visit by bringing a wild boar to have my skin for dinner, knowing my love for pork lard.

You should forgive my overworked imagination since the forest was not exactly in its best form. Fallen trees, dried up twigs, broken trunks - signs of destruction that leaves much to the mind to guess what really happened.

Thinking the path will eventually be overwhelmed with dead leaves and filled with potholes due to a lack of maintenance, i was bewildered to find it almost clean. As you can see in this picture, there's a second barrier to cross.

Should i heed this unworded 'sign' and turn back?

I am a man who adheres to the rules and laws of a country. There wasn't a sign to say no entry nor any mention that this is a protected area. An old sign, caked with moss, merely indicated that no poaching is allowed.

Before long, i reached the end of the path - a clearing to the open reservoir!

Devoid of any human, it was dead quiet. Even the water appeared still. But it's obvious that this is open to the public with the installation of PUB's new eye-catching signpost.

Badly needing a rest, i sat down and took in the impending sunset amidst the tranquil greenery. The silence was getting to be a bit uncomfortable; even the slight rustling of leaves due to a gentle breeze sounded eerie!

I got my butt going before imagination turns into reality!


Roughly to be around the location of the red star! It is not far from the main Mandai road and you may take bus no 183 or 171 from Ang Mo Kio or Yishun and alight at bus stop 48049.

Additional Information
Definitely a good spot for anglers. In fact, i did bump into a few of them when i walked in. Funny thing is that there are five or six of them who seemed to be strangers yet all of them came out the same time i went in.

Weird indeed.

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