Sunday, August 07, 2011

Navel Oranges - Worms Within!

It's not hard to guess how the name comes about for navel oranges.

And besides Lu Gan (芦柑) that is the must-have for Chinese New Year, navel oranges are normally my substitutes during the non festive period.

It's easy to tear off the skin and the pulp is sweet for the taste buds without being overly juicy.

But they don't come cheap! And for a person who prefers to spend on food than on fruits, i will not make an effort to buy unless i am absolutely craving for them.

Hence, you can imagine how delighted i was when i received a big bag of navel oranges from one of my mom's friends! This delight-ness, unfortunately, lasted only for a few days.

I was peeling the navel oranges and separating the segments one evening when my fingers felt a slight sogginess. "oh, spoiled liao. better throw them away" - a usual sentence for most of us.

It's only upon a closer look i realised there were some longish stuff in the heart of the orange. For that fleeting moment, i can only recollect that quite a number had been devoured by me in the past days!


Not just one, not just two. Mind you, i can count at least a dozen of those disgusting maggots with my naked eyes!

My only consolation?
I didn't discover them halfway through eating the oranges.


  1. Aw, fluff. That's what it was? My issue was that I JUST discovered one - and I've possibly eaten part of it because it was mid bite, and I only looked at it /after/ swallowing. Any idea if they're harmless?

    1. Well, i will look at them as extra protein to compliment our diet! Haha. Should be quite harmless. :)


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