Monday, August 01, 2011

The Long Forgotten 1.2 MB Floppy Disk

That ambitious plan to take back my bedroom is well on track although i had to make the sad decision to sacrifice the tonnes of textbooks, novels, notes, comics that were my best companions before the arrival of DS Lite and subsequently, iPhone.

While rummaging through the box of business textbooks, i chanced upon this black and thin plastic thing hidden within a white paper sleeve. For that moment, it evoked some kind of distant memory.

A memory i could not put a finger to. Until i pulled it out.

Oh my gosh, this is ANCIENT! When my parents bought me my first desktop computer in 1992, the drive to read this portable diskette was included. Back then, there was no CD-rom and the 1.44 MB diskette was considered the latest technology!

The whirring of the motor that read this 1.2 MB diskette was always unnerving; you never know if it still works since this portable disk was famously known to be really delicate.

Not exactly something that will be safe in my hands.
Opps, i did it once again!

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