Monday, May 09, 2011

BM Brownie @ Blue Mountain Cafe (B.M.C) - 313 Somerset

Having a sweet tooth at this age is not exactly recommended by healthcare experts but i could not resist ordering desserts given any opportunity!

One of my favourite Western desserts has to be brownie with ice cream! I believe i have developed a well measured yardstick to compare across brownies served by various eateries (Daily Scoop, Joan Bowen Cafe etc).

Maybe it's time for me to embark on a search for the best brownie in Singapore!

Coming back to Blue Mountain Cafe, i am so not impressed with the brownie.

Tardy dry that had its saviour in the form of vanilla ice cream. And if your eyes are sharp enough, you will notice that walnuts are almost unnoticeable! Cavin adores brownies with chunks of walnuts!

Maybe i should have sticked to their signature dessert; the mudpie.

Anyway, it would not be long before i step into BMC again. Service was great and who could deny themselves of the loving rosemary chicken!!

Each bite was itself a blissful orchestra of tasting, chewing, enjoying and swallowing! Damn, i am craving for a piece right now.........!

If not for the hot weather, my brain might have wandered off (yet again) to sip another scoopful of their flavourful mushroom soup with bursts of roughly grinded mushroom bits.


BM Brownie - S$6.90
Rosemary Chicken - S$10.90
Cream of Mushroom - S$4.90

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
For the location and my first review on blue mountain cafe, please visit

Bloody!! The management has increased the prices!!! My rosemary chicken used to cost only S$9.90 and cream of mushroom was, back then, only S$4.50!


  1. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Thanks Charenn! Hope you enjoy the other posts as well. :)

    If you like brownies, i am gonna touch on this super nice brownie found in a quaint little place in bugis.

    Look out for it!


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