Friday, January 07, 2011

Blue Mountain Cafe (B.M.C) @ 313 Somerset, Singapore

"蓝山咖啡; translated as blue mountain blend coffee, i first heard of this term over a Taiwan soap opera on channel 8 (or was it channel u?).

Supposedly expensive due to its popularity and high demand, my initial impression of the similarly named Blue Mountain Cafe (B.M.C) was that this should be one of those bistros that sell pretty normal stuff at exorbitant prices!

In usual circumstances, i will never step in without finding more on As fate has its way, we decided to have some drinks while playing a new board game Mr Kon bought.

The atmosphere felt 'right' and despite the higher downtown car park rates, the gang of four was there again last weekend; mostly due to Alex's insistence in buying some card games!

Fruit Tea
Looking all delicious with pieces of freshly cut fruits swimming relaxingly in the midst of that bright orange freeze, this should rate high for drinks i like!

Unfortunately, the taste factor failed miserably; it was sourish and tardy. Possibly the two tastes i am most averse too!

Cream of Mushroom Soup
This wasn't the best i had although i have to mention the mushy texture (baby food lookalike) that was most inviting to mushroom lovers.

I can accept mushroom soups that still have some pieces of blended mushrooms but not those that had almost nothing left after going through a strainer.

And i love the garlic bread with REAL garlic bits you can see with your eyes!!

French Onion Soup
Having drunk a similar one from La Petite, this had a surprisingly strong beefy flavour without that pungent sweetness typical of onions! As you can see, there was much more soup than onions.

Fisherman's Baked Rice
Not a big fan of baked rice, i felt that this was cheesy enough on the surface.

It's underneath the surface i am more worried (for the cafe); the lack of a significant amount of tomato sauce resulted in a rice mixture that can only be deemed as less flavourful compared to its many competitors in the market.

Nothing's lost though! The sotong (squid) was so soft and tender; i used little effort to chew it to pieces yet took a longer time to slowly take in the taste!

Rosemary Chicken
Totally unexpected as i was anticipating a chicken chop garnished with some dubious sauce that had no use as chilli sauce would be used instead to force it down my throat!

Besides a super juicy chicken thigh that was seasoned with rosemary herbs (according to the menu), it was the special honey mustard sauce that made this dish exceptionally delicious! If it's a chicken chop, this has to be the best in Singapore!

With an herby sweetness to it, this was one of the rare times i never had any chilli or tomato sauce to go with a meat dish! A dish i would die to go back for!!

Maybe i should patronise the cafe again this Sunday?


313, Somerset Road,
#03-23/24, Singapore 238895

Fruit Tea - S$6.90
Cream of Mushroom Soup - S$4.50
French Onion Soup - S$4.50
Fisherman's Baked Rice - S$10.90
Rosemary Chicken - S$9.90

Subject to Service Charge and GST

Additional Information
My memory tells me that there was a free latte for each main course ordered!

At this moment, this seems pretty ridiculous as the latte cost S$5.90 each and the main courses we had had a value of roughly S$10 each!

Does that mean (in mathematical term) we only paid approximately S$5 per main course?

Hm..... Guess it should be a damn value for money meal as there was no charge for the two yummy lattes in the bill leh!

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