Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lavender Drops (Sweets) @ Nippon-Ya Japanese Food Boutique (ION Orchard)

In my last posting on Nippon-Ya HERE, I swore to try the other flavours for this particular range of cute bronze tins.

Yes, they were THAT good!!

Convinced by Mr Kon (who enjoyed the lavender flavour i gave him for X'mas) and faced with multiple workload recently (the lavender's strength will help in de-stressing my mental self), i bought the tin dotted with pictures of lavender flowers.

First Suck!
An immediate outburst of lavender essence so strong, i thought i had accidentally downed a full bottle of essential oil.

Second Suck!
Getting use to the taste and enjoying it to a certain extent. Deep in my heart though, i suspected the manufacturer had indeed been using real lavender oil for these drops!!

Third Suck!
Feeling little bumps scrapping against my tongue, i spat out the drop. Specks of blackish stuff (like ants) dotted my half sucked sweet.


Last Suck!
The encased lavender flowers were slowly melted by my heavy flow of saliva and before long, i was biting and sucking the full natural flavour of the flowers.

It was disgusting.

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