Sunday, March 14, 2010

Charming Xiangxi Show @ Zhangjiajie (张家界), Hunan, China

One of the optional itineraries available for any China tour package, i was almost 100% sure my payment for 900 RMB (roughly S$180 for three of us) was a goner when i stepped into the cheesy-red theatre and saw an auction for Chinese paintings as the first event.

It felt just like the pasar malam (night market) bidding we have.
*shakes head*
Beautiful and huge paintings though.

 Disregarding the auction, the three hours show consisted of the following:

Interesting tribal songs from the Miao (this girl in the picture above was so pretty) and Tujia minorities,

Cultural dances (on magic and customs like the legendary corpses jumping),

An oriental suprano from the minority tribe, who was fantastic (apparently better than the country-famous ah bao). I cannot imagine how can a guy sing with such high pitch? Gosh!

Twin sisters from the Bai tribe who were amazingly captivating with their sparkling attire and their dexterity in performing those bones breaking stunts!

Balancing act by this young chap. Similar to what we saw on television but i was really worried for the performer!!

Sword swallowing stunt! A freaky dangerous stunt and i know i will never ever try it! I need to eat!! It's my life remember? Haha.

This guy brought this skill to a higher level by using a curved sword and allowing a spectator to pull it out for him. Euwwwwwww!

Dress like the local, which left most of us in stitches!

Judging from the activites above, it was similar to what we watched on television for the numerous charity shows we have in Singapore.

No doubt, my heart continued feeling pained!
(my HARD EARNED money!)

Now the great outdoors!  
Yes, one indoor, one outdoor.
At least something more unique!  
*more segments = more worth the money*

Unfortunately, we have to move from the comfy seats to the hard cement steps outside the warm theatre, in a temperature of at most 12 degrees celcius.

First is a qigong event. Yawns........ how different can THAT be? One piece of flat stone on a guy and a hammer will be used to smash the stone. Boring!!!

This group of three men stacked themselves on top of each other [the first man rest on a carpet of broken glass pieces, the second man rest on top of the first man (separated by a plank of wood), the third man laid of the second man (separated by a wooden bed of standing needles)] and topped with a heavy looking boulder! 

That was incredible!
*the boulder was smashed with a hammer, as usual*

Thought it's over?

Not yet!! Another guy was put to rest (he is alive then) beneath three long high density cement strips (said to be 4000 Jin, 2,000 kilograms, heavy). 

Not challenging enough? 

The emcee invited five men and a lady from the audience to stand on the cement strips, with a specific condition; they must at least weigh 180 Jin, around 90 kilograms.

The guy was still alive after being subject to such excruciating torture for a few minutes!

Last event was a fire stepping ritual, similar to the type we had for thaipusam in Singapore. The one in Singapore wins....... hands-down.


300 RMB per pax for a mostly acrobatic performance.

Was it worth it??

You decide.

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