Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Priceless - Change of LCD Screen for Digital Camera (Panasonic Lumix TZ15)

Let me begin with the situation a few weeks back.

"A hundred and ninety seven dollars?!?!?
I can bloody well get a new camera!!"

The above was my truthful exclaimation to the poor technician from Panasonic who called me on the status (aka repair costs) of my sick camera.

My first official camera, the Panasonic Lumix TZ15 was bought 18 months ago in the IT show. Hm... Or was it Comex or PC Show? Whatever, one of those filled with people shows either in Suntec City or Expo.

I did some over-the-surface research then and liked this model for its 10X optical zoom, its vibrant colors, its don't-need-to-think-too-much-nor-too-deep settings (via Intelligence-Auto mode), its relatively large LCD screen and the fabulous anti-shake function (i have early symptoms of Parkinson disease).

So what has happened, with the baby only 18 months old!?

= I am a really extensive user. Multiple shots were required due to my amateur photography skills. And i love taking pictures of anything (and that includes a lot of naked useless pictures)

= I don't take care of my electronic gadgets! Covers are necessary for all of them as a result of my numerous accidents and if i happen to lose the cover, too bad; it will take ages for me to buy a new one.

= The real, technical reason? The LCD screen died on me. It was initially showing shades of green, red, brown and eventually, it was the ominous screen of death.

I have a spoilt camera!

Available Options:

1) Repair the camera at the official yet exorbitantly priced Panasonic Service Centre

2) Sell the camera to the karang guni man Cash Converters and get some cash in return

3) DIY; buy the LCD online and change the screen myself!

My most sincere appreciation to the best search engine in the world, i managed to find a webpage that focused specifically on the repair of LCD screen for Panasonic Lumix TZ15!!!


But before i can do a miraculous revival of the camera, the affected spare part must be sourced and purchased! Another google search brought me to ownta.com.

The product was delivered to my house yesterday and with much anticipation, i embarked on a micro-surgery to let my camera rise from the deathbed!

Following precisely the steps kindly uploaded by Edmond, i am pleased to inform all of you...

My Camera Has Fully Recovered!!!

Cost of LCD Screen : US$43.52
Cost of Shipping: US$5.53
Cost of Repairing: Priceless

Things to Note

The really minute screws were a pain in the ass!!! And don't bother buying the installation kit in ownta.com. Useless! Wasted more than twenty minutes on that!

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