Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am broke*, officially!

Though i am single and according to Singapore's custom for Chinese New Year, the unmarried will continue getting ang bao (red packets with $$$$), it's not enough to accomodate this spending cycle of mine!!

So what brought me to such a pitiful state?

My passport is expiring in October 2010 and many countries demand at least a 6 months validity. Region (ASEAN hor, not Japan or even my favourite China) travel is a must no matter what happen!

Cost aside, the waiting time for collection was so long at 3-4 hours (according to the SMS service provided), i managed to get my new phone, have my lunch and do some shopping! When i am back, i still had to wait for another hour.

Kudos to the patient and friendly service personnel because it was so crowded and there were many pissed off, impatient faces!

Originally S$70 for 5 years, you can save S$10 if you apply/renew online!

Cost: S$60

My longest serving phone, the Sony Ericsson K800i has accompanied me well for almost 3 years.

Alas, technology has increased vastly over a mere 3 years and i need a more comprehensive, multi-tasking phone.

Finally, an iPhone for me (strikeout one item from wishlist)!

Cost: S$368

IT Show 2010
This is a love-hate relationship.

The many brands with massive discounts amassing at one place are too enticing... *slurps* but i will usually buy something even if i have no absolute need for it (yes, it's a want!).

Happening four times a year under different events management, the technological sale this time round managed to eat a big chunk of my money!!

Spurred by a comment from a Coffee Bean director, DSLR has been on my wish list for a long time! My initial intention was to get a basic Nikon D5000 at S$1,200 but the salesman was too persuasive!!

How can i?!!?!? I studied marketing in polytechnic and should know better than to be psychologically affected by his sales antics!!!!

Anyway, another buy is the printer+scanner machine. Be prepared for some postings on current affairs and my childhood (with pictures of course).

It will be nice to re-cap my childhood in the old nee soon kampong (village).

Cost: S$1469 for DSLR
Cost: S$99 for printer+scanner

All the nitty gritty items (food, bills, e-shopping etc etc).... My current credit bill stands at S$2,000 and no, the expenses for iPhone and DSLR are not reflected yet.


On a optimistic note, i managed to clear three items of my wish list.
(toothy smile)

*does not take into account my pathetic savings.

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