Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seafood Platter @ Fish N Co

If you want me to think of one dish that will make me crave for it every few months, it has to be the seafood platter for two from Fish N Co, a local outfit that started in 1998 (not a very popular year in the memories of most Singaporeans).

Enough for even three persons, it has so much seafood to tease your tastebuds!

The freshness of the mussels, the crunchiness of the calamari (fried or grilled), the tenderness of the fish and the sweetness of the grilled prawns!

Coupled that with a big serving of french fries (the thick thick, fat fat kind) and savory butter rice with raisins, you can imagine how heavenly this dish can be.

The reason for posting this is because i am sick today. And the first thing that comes to my mind, in the midst of a reduced appetitie and a tongue that has not much taste, is the Seafood Platter.

I am hungry.


For more information on Fish N Co and the location of its branches, please visit

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