Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Krispy Kreme @ Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Don't get all excited because the best donut company in the world is not here in Singapore!! Not yet!!

Talking about Krispy Kreme, I blogged about it before, back in 2007 HERE.  

Picture was taken in 2007

Krispy Kreme is world renowned and donut lovers swear with their life that it is the best, I, for one, begged to differ from their hard core, insane devotion!

Since that entry in AD 2007, i told everyone i knew: "what's the big deal about Kripsy Kreme!?!?"

*kneel down in front of a printed out Krispy Kreme logo*

Remembering my last last trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2009, tired me and sleepy Alex chanced upon a Krispy Kreme shop in Times Square. Our swollen feet needed a rest and the seats within looked comfortable enough.

Very paiseh (embarassed) to sit without buying anything right? So we got ourselves a mug of surprisingly yummy Hot Chocolate and ONE donut (original glazed).

Plain, unappealing donut.
This thought swirled in my brain before i took a bite.

Immediately, the layer of almost invisible sugar frosting surrounding the breast cotton soft doughnut broke into many pieces, like broken pieces of glass!! Both Alex and I looked at it, stupefied.

And the taste was so out of the world!
Oh man, it was the BEST donut i ever had!!!
Without any extra fillings, creams, decorations and blah blah blah.... you get what i mean.

Fast forward to the present!

Just a few days ago, the gang of four embarked on another food expedition and Krispy Kreme was one of the stops.

With the original glazed sold out (disbelief since it was only 4-5pm), we had to settle for something. Looking at the over two dozens variations within the glass counters, the gang of four chose the donuts for four!

1) New York Cheesecake
No taste of cheesecake. Can taste lemon though. FAIL!

2) Glazed Vanilla Cake
Dough was too dry, too hard. What vanilla? FAIL!

3) Glazed Chocolate Cake
Same like no 2, with just the slight whiff of chocolate. FAIL FAIL!!

4) Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled
The name was enough to pique my interest.
As expected, it was the best out of the four.

The dough was soft, the chocolate layer was not too thick and don't get me going on the kreme (or cream).

Swooshy smooth cream (like conditioner!!) that oozed out from the bite. Kon said it was just sugary whipped cream.

Whatever, it was delicious!!

The feast is not over yet!!

One of the counter panels displayed a 'doughnut sandwich' that looked suspiciously like the one i had over 10 years ago when Dunkin Donuts was still in Singapore.

The egg-stra donut with cheese brought back memories of my mugging days. It was not fabulous (like over the heaven kind) but some things are just like that. You eat them purely because of the good memories you have.

I am officially a Krispy Kreme fan!
At least for the Original Glazed and Shampoo Cream thingy!

Krispy Kreme is located at a few locations in Malaysia.

Additional Information

Please do not attempt to import Krispy Kreme to Singapore. 

Judging from my two experiences, the taste will altered adversely. My original glazed donuts (24 pieces) looked as if they were sweating and the taste was just not the same.

You want Krispy Kreme in Singapore?
Join as a fan HERE!!!

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