Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Destiny - Health Screening 2010

See this booklet above?
It holds an outcome that will affect my life drastically!

Two weeks back, i attended the annual medical screening exercise organised by NUS for its staff and students.

I did the same checkup last year and was informed that my cholesterol level was in the high range.

Not moderate high, not normal high but HIGH!

Someone must had mysteriously poured a litre of cooking oil down my throat!!! Anyway, long term medication would be FORCED upon me if the level continues to be this high.

For illustration,
My level was 260mg/dL; high risk.
And the ways to reduce it; cut down my meat intake, take more vegetables, take more fruits blah blah blah.

Awwwwwww how to survive sia.........?
I belong to the "live to eat" category.

Many of you would not have believed this but for the past year, i did try to change my food lifestyle. Buffets were not as frequent and even if i went out to eat, i tried to eat lesser.

My latest level?
226mg/dL; moderate high risk!

But hor......
How come i am heavier ah?!?!?!
Must be the bones.

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