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Toyako Onsen Summer Festival in 2017 @ Lake Toya [Hokkaido, Japan]

Summertime in Singapore is almost a whole-year affair but in countries like Japan, where there are four seasons, it's actually celebrated and welcomed in the form of festivals spread throughout the country.

It's the same situation in Lake Toya and since we had nothing planned after our dinner at Ramen Ippontei (一本亭), we decided to check out the festival.

You wouldn't miss it as there will be music and dancing; literally the most happening place should you happen to stay at toyako onsen town. 

When i wrote music, i am obviously not referring to modern, popular mixes; i understand the need to move with time to draw the crowd although sometimes, we do need to hold on to tradition for that unique difference found nowhere else.

A lot of people came to the festival dressed in traditional summer garb known as yukata. Since i am unsure how to wear it, i didn't even attempt even though the inn we stayed at that day did place two sets in our room. 

Dates of the summer festival in 2017; the dates for 2018 are not out at the moment. Those who would be visiting Lake Toya in summer 2018 can check out the updates here

Kids joining the dance that rotated around the main structure. 

Dance steps didn't appear complicated although they were rather repetitive and i guess i would be less bored checking out the rest of the festival's activities! 

For example, the food! I had a satisfying meal at Ramen Ippontei even though the same can't be same for the rest of my travel mates who ordered a different item; knowing Alex, he will definitely get the BBQ corn to fill up the rest of his stomach.

Large one at 300 yen; taste was pretty good although our hearts were skewed towards the BBQ corn we had in Bali at Tanah Lot, a month before our Hokkaido trip

Game booths! 

It's like those 80s games that i played when i was a kid; no matter how much technology has taken over our lives, these kind of hand-eye-mind-focus games still attract a following!

Hm.... 500 yen for a plastic mask is too expensive...

Japanese traditional game - super ball sukui which is actually ball scooping using a tool with a thin paper as the net. Once the net is broken, your game ends and whatever balls you scoop are yours to keep.

The scale of the festival is small with limited stalls and incomparable to even the pasar malams in Singapore where you can find a ton of stalls. Nevertheless, more doesn't translate to better.

We were attracted by food again and no, not the shaved ice which i already had earlier that morning in Otengu Ropeway observatory. At my age, i should seriously control my sugar intake which this shaved ice seems to have a lot of.

Can't resist barbecued / grilled meat though.... Not fantastic; as in not as nice as the ones in Tori Q but it did help satisfy the glutton monster in my tummy.

Pictures of the menu with listed prices for your reference; they were not expensive with the meat skewers costing about 100 yen which is similar to the pricing we have in Singapore.

Walking away from the main festival activity towards the other direction (left of lake) along the promenade where the noise level was significantly reduced.

The lighted cruise ship that's operational for the firework performance starting at 8.45pm! You may check out my post here for the fireworks. 

Something bright over the hill; no idea what it is. 

Stopping by the free for public Toron Foot Bath; even though it's summer, the temperature at Lake Toya can still be relatively chilly and it's still nice to have my feet soaked in the warm, mineral-rich water! To read more, click here

Ending the night with fireworks on the lake! 


Lake Toya, 

Every summer. 
Check the dates here

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