Friday, February 09, 2018

Nightly Fireworks in Summer @ Lake Toya [Hokkaido, Japan]

When i asked a fellow colleague what's interesting about Lake Toya, her reply was a short 'the fireworks' and with that in mind, we prepared ourselves to be on the lakeside before 8.45pm! 

Sure hint that the firework show would be starting soon - when the cruise ship, decked out brightly like a beacon on the dark lake, started its journey from the pier and stopped in the middle of nowhere.

The first burst always elicits some screams from the spectators.

See how close the ship was to the place where the fireworks were set off. Some might find it exciting to be so near the action even though i though fireworks look the best from far. Yes, i am displaying signs of sour grapes. 

Animated gif for your viewing pleasure; that's the beauty of being able to shoot multiple shots per second although truth is my video taking skill sucks big time. 

Another one; many people were crowding at the lakeside but there's more than sufficient space as it's a long promenade and the locations of the fireworks will 'move'. 

You can't really see from the pictures; the fireworks were actually set off on moving barges which means the cruise ship will not be permanently stationed at one point throughout the show and shall move towards the direction of the action.

For lazy bums like me, i walked a bit and decided i could still see the fireworks from where i stood and stayed rooted for the rest of the 'performance'.

It did get boring after a while and the cool weather was making me so sleepy! 

Large burst of firework concluded the performance that took place every night from 28 April to 31 October in 2017. The crowd actually dispersed pretty fast; bet many couldn't wait to soak in their hotel's onsen before they hit the bed.

Short segment of the moving fireworks for your viewing! :) 


Lake Toya,
Hokkaido, Japan

Duration of Fireworks
About 15 minutes

Tickets for the 40-Minute Fireworks Cruise Ship
Adult - 1,600 Yen
Child - 800 Yen

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