Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dinner at Isekura (いせくら) in Noboribetsu [Hokkaido, Japan]

Following lunch, we were once again hit with a dilemma on where to have dinner and eventually chose Isekura for two reasons; the aroma of grilled meat and the customers seated outside (latter of which gave us the presumption it should be popular).

Essentially a charcoal grill restaurant, it also offered normal donburi (rice bowls) and ramen (specialty was milk ramen)! Surprisingly, none of us was in the correct mood for bbq (and ramen); I was in fact craving for white rice! 

Free-range Chicken Bowl - i think i am quite lucky with food throughout this Hokkaido trip whereas Alex had his misses. The chicken bowl for Alex wasn't bad; just didn't taste extraordinary enough to differentiate itself from those sold in Japanese chains in Singapore like Sakae Sushi. 

Ginger Pork Set - Mine with pork that hailed from noboribetsu itself; there's nothing fresher than that unless i stayed in a pig farm and with just 100 yen more, i thought this was more worth it compared to what Alex had. 

The meat had that distinctive ginger flavour that didn't strike me as overwhelming. In fact, it featured just the right amount to bring out the taste and complement perfectly with the tenderised pork which wasn't as sinfully fat as i expected it to be. 

Good enough for me to leave one piece as the grand finale. I almost wanted to forgo the tomatoes since i don't particularly fancy them. However, i decided not to waste my food and popped one slice into my mouth; mmmm, crunchy with a dash of sweetness! Needless to say, nothing was left on the plate at the end. 


Location Map

As above.

As above.

Free-range Chicken Bowl - 800 yen
Ginger Pork Set - 900 yen

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