Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hand Bath outside Daiwa Ryokan @ Lake Toya in Hokkaido [Japan]

Now, i have mentioned about foot bath but there's another unique bath at Lake Toya; the hand bath and we were lucky to have it so close to Daiwa Ryokan, our accommodation in the onsen town! 

It may be just piped natural hotspring water but in the cold summer weather at night, it's still very comforting to have it warming your hands! I can just imagine how shiok it would be at this time of the year; winter! 

The activity of soaking our hands was literally a must-do whenever we stepped in or out of Daiwa Ryokan. Please be assured that the heat was just right for us even though we would still recommend you test the temperature of the water before throwing your hands in them; just in case mother nature changes her mood.

Unlike the limited foot baths (there were only two in town); i counted about nine hand baths dotted all over the place at Lake Toya. For more information on their locations, look out for the character "手" on the appended map above.


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