Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Suspension Bridge at Fukidashi Park in Hokkaido [Japan]

Those who have been to Fukidashi Park would likely just chiong towards the spring where ice cold water from the mountain gushes out in great quantities and ignore all the other attractions within the park. 

One of which would be the suspension bridge.

Personally, i think it's quite out of the way from the main highlight and since the park is more a rest station for travellers, many would not think of staying there for extended period of time.

It may look like a normal bridge with towering trees blocking its view but i did notice a picture taken in summer and the trees would be in beautiful shades of red and yellow! 

I visited in summer and the most i can do was to check out the stream right below the bridge, which runs from the spring water i mentioned earlier.

Spotted my travel mates! 

The other side of the bridge where the stream would cascade down a few rocks; resulting in mini waterfalls which i shall share in a separate post! 

Steel rod holding on to the bridge; despite the strong hold, the bridge can still shake quite badly when you have an irritating person who attempted to jump up and down! I was the irritating one although there's no one aside from me on the bridge.

My worry wasn't so much about the strength of the steel rods; rather, i am more concerned the wood will break apart with my constant jump!


Fukidashi Park,
Hokkaido, Japan

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