Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Cheapest Private Car Transfer from Phuket Airport to Patong Beach - Using Phuket SRC Travel

I researched quite a bit on private airport transfer before my trip to Phuket and even though i was adamant on not paying ridiculous pricing; most of the companies i found quoted an average of 800 baht and it was definitely cheaper for the three of us to join the taxi queue and pay 550 baht plus an additional 100 baht for airport surcharge. 

Luckily, i persevered with my classic zodiac stubbornness and eventually found a website where i got a great deal of 600 baht, for a private car that can sit at most 3 persons, to Patong Beach! 

Full of apprehension with the online purchase (which could have been a scam), i was actually keeping my fingers crossed when i stepped out of Phuket International Airport after clearing immigration. 

Imagine my relief when i saw the above sign! Even though there was no one standing by, the person in charge came over in less than half a minute and told us to wait at the side while she called the driver to pick us up.

It didn't take long before a sedan with the Phuket SRC Travel logo stopped at the kerbside! And you know what the amazing thing was? We had a female driver and she's definitely younger than us! Honestly, i thought it's extremely rare to have a female driver with three male passengers.

Ride was uneventful with three nice gentlemen and we got safely to the Swissotel Resort at Patong Beach! I actually purchased a one-way airport transfer just in case there's a scam and as the chauffeur wasn't proficient in English, i didn't even manage to book the transfer back to the airport on 09 January 2018! 

So i sent a whatsapp message close to midnight instead and got a reply at 4.39am! The response wasn't light fast but the point is; i got my airport transfer confirmation.

In the morning of 09 January, the vehicle arrived almost on time and this time, it's a guy with a much bigger passenger van; p.s. I thought the above photograph made the chauffeur look so cool.

Despite the language barrier and his pretty fierce-looking face, he is actually super kind! He noticed my penchant for taking photographs and pulled over at this Laem Sing View Point so that i can take some pictures. So sweet right as he could have just sent me from Point A to Point B and take a longer break before the next drive.

As expected, we arrived safe and sound at Phuket International Airport


Booking the Airport Transfer
WhatsApp: +66 86 270 7585

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