Sunday, February 25, 2018

Patong Beach - Filled with People! @ Phuket [Thailand]

I have been to Patong Beach even though the more correct description was that i passed by it on a company trip over ten years ago and that was at night which means i can't really see much anyway!

Hence, i deliberately made it a point to check out Patong Beach in my recent journey to Phuket and to make sure i get to see it in bright daylight, i even arranged for a nearby accommodation; i.e. Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach.

To be reasonable, i know Patong Beach is a touristy enclave and i shouldn't expect pristine clean beaches with white, powdery sand. And i didn't.

It's exactly what you expect from the most popular beach in Phuket

People, people and more people! Yes, not exactly my kind of beach but if you have been following my blog, you would know i am hardly a suntan person and prefer to explore the underwater world! 

And if i want to chit chat, i would definitely opt for an air-conditioned cafe. Nevertheless, everyone is different and those who have likely gone through winter in their home country might appreciate summer more than we do. 

Rows of beach lounger chairs; i bet you would have to pay or buy some drinks / snack in order to use them but since i would choose a bed rather than a chair anytime, it's not appealing to me. 

Knowing there are boring persons like me who can't sit and lie still under a hot sun, operators have offered other activities like parasailing, banana boat, strom and jetski! 

Like any other places in Asia, negotiation is a must although countless information online have warned about their danger and lack of safety; in fact, the last accident was in July 2017 when an Australian tourist plunged to his death while parasailing.

I have done parasailing twice (once in Kota Kinabalu and another time in Bali) and don't think i want to spend so much to do it again. 

Those with kids can purchase the beach balls and / or sandcastle moulds. The sandcastle moulds were something i would love to have when i was a kid but as they were pricey, my dad would not buy them. Hence, us kids would improvise by using empty bottles, bottle caps etc.

Massage by the beach! 

Honestly, i do find it a bit too stuffy to have so many people under one tent! Contrast that to the massage i had in Krabi 7 years ago which was unforgettable for all the good reasons! 

Many people would attempt to sell you things or offer you a service (like braiding your hair). Nothing bad about it as they are just earning a livelihood; if you don't want, just reject politely. 

There were a lot of people suntanning on the beach and it's not uncommon to have the ladies without their bikinis! Parents with young kids might have to be prepared for some answers if they chance upon one. :P

Other random photo - some trivia about Patong beach; it's 3.5 kilometer long and gained popularity in the late 1980s among the Western tourists. 

It's badly affected in the 2004 tsunami largely due to its higher tourist density compared to the rest of Phuket even though the situation wasn't as bad as Khao Lak in the north. 

A Star Cruise ship; think it's a Superstar Libra.

Dogs do roam freely in Phuket and while that's no issue for me since i do adore dogs, what i am more worried about is their 'bombs' that might be littered all over the beach! From far, a pile of wet sand doesn't look any different from a pile of dog poop. 

Warning about jellyfish.... 

We didn't waste our time by staying on the beach until sunset. This was taken after our early dinner at Ruen Thai Restaurant which is pretty near the beach.

Here's a shot of my dad with the setting sun! 

Another one that's taken with flash; nicer but make his skin looks so much darker! In actual fact, my dad is known among relatives for his dark skin and it's a pity i didn't inherit his genes. 

A parting shot! 


Patong Beach,
Phuket, Thailand

Patong Map

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  1. i bet you would have to pay or buy some drinks / snack in order to use them but since i would choose a bed rather than a chair anytime, it's not appealing to me.

    1. Tell me about it! I don't understand why some people can sit there the whole day..... hahaha. like u, i prefer a bed, anytime. :P