Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice (祺乐起骨鸡饭) - Totally Worth it! @ S11 Coffee Shop [Opposite Yishun MRT Station]

Long long time ago, i was famished after a full day of work and just wanted comfort food for dinner; decided on chicken rice and ordered a packet for takeaway. Bloody staff collected S$4 even though the range was from S$3-4! Needless to say, I blacklisted the stall since then.

A few years passed and i honestly didn't know if the stall has changed hands. However, i did notice that it is now commanding the longest queue in the crowded coffee shop right opposite Yishun MRT station!

Dad felt like having chicken rice and i was too lazy to travel to another coffee shop; hence, i removed the 'blacklist' tag from my mind and decided to give the stall another chance. Price had increased to SS$3.50 - S$4.50 for a plate of chicken rice and this time round, i was charged (rightfully without asking) S$3.50.

I was amazed by the speed and efficiency of how the staff managed to place everything on a single tray! As you can also see from the photo, the stall doesn't scrimp on the ingredients! Just the size of the bowl of soup for one person was already significantly bigger than its other competitors!

It's not even your bland and clear chicken soup; the content was peanut chicken feet soup and there were so many peanuts! Now, my mom can cook a mean pot of peanut chicken soup and i could easily finish a pot of white rice with the soup drenched on it! This tasted as good as mom's version and despite such a large plate of chicken rice given to me, i think i could still manage another full portion of rice.

Seated on a bed of crunchy beansprouts was a generous amount of tender chicken meat that was also chopped quite thickly! Roasted skin wasn't the crunchy type even though the absolute deal maker had to be the savoury oily sauce poured over the juicy meat!

Chilli had a piquant spiciness to it but i could do without it as it was a bit too hot for me. I was more impressed with the rice; it wasn't oily and although it might lose out a bit on flavour, i could moisture the dryness with the soup! Anyway, less oily means a healthier meal right?!  Always good to balance things out.

So bloody delicious; i actually went back a few days later!


Block 744, Yishun Street 72, #01-197,
S11 Coffee Shop, Singapore 760744


As above.

Chicken Rice (1 Person) - S$3.50

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