Sunday, September 17, 2017

Potato Head Beach Club (Restaurant) - Great Place to Chill Out! @ Bali [Indonesia]

Friends who know me would be aware that i am not into the club scene and would prefer to stay at home rather than to get myself wasted and to wake up the next day with a massive headache.

However, someone suggested Potato Head Beach Club for dinner when i was in Bali and since it would be a group dinner, i found it a bit hard to reject. Furthermore, the beach clubs in Bali were supposed to be very good and you can even find their spin-offs in Singapore like Ku De Ta! 

Security was tight with bag checks and stuff and after we cleared it, we were kind of in a fix as there's no direction on where you should proceed to from there! 

We just walked straight until we caught hold of the sign as above. For a place known to be popular, there wasn't much of a crowd on a Friday evening and you can't blame us for thinking it might not be as great as it was made out to be. 

Was in fact expecting a queue but there was none! Anyway, an interesting facade made up of hundreds of wooden windows that were quite the norm in the old days. 

Going up one level; again, the disquiet was disturbing! Did we land ourselves in a tourist trap? But the review on google was an impressive 4.4 from over 1,600 reviewers!

A different storey greeted us once we entered Potato Head Beach Club - the whole place was filled with people and we did the right thing by making a reservation beforehand. There were three levels; top one was a pizza place, second floor served Indonesia food whereas the lower level (where we were at) was more for Western cuisine.

Our reservation was for level one as the second level was already full. Honestly, I wasn't too happy to see the orange lights as pictures taken of food would look extremely unappetizing. 

After ordering my dinner, i dashed out to check out the beach club as mountain-tortoise (basically ignorant) me has never been to one before! 

First thing that struck me when i first entered the restaurant was the infinity pool facing the beach and the ocean with a bar counter that had its seats underneath the water! 

In other places, i would have thought it's stupid to have a pool when the sea was just a few meters away. However, the waves were choppy at this side of Bali and it actually made practical sense for people to enjoy the sea-view while soaking in water.

Bed-sized lounges in case you do not want your skin wrinkled up! 

It was too cloudy that evening; if not, i guess you would be blessed with a beautiful sunset while relaxing on the lounge beds. Thought it's a really nice place for those looking for a chill-out venue and drinks are not as expensive as Singapore! 

Beach was frankly nothing to scream about. Looking for white-sand beach that's almost powder like? Maldives is definitely the place! You may check out my summarised itinerary here

Time for my dinner! As expected, all the photos were "orange-washed" and i was thinking if i should just give the food a miss; as in not taking any photo of it as i still needed dinner!

I am grateful to my tour group mates for helping to switch on the torchlight function on their mobile to shine my order; the 180 grams Altitude Farms Pork Belly.

My review, unfortunately, wouldn't be a good one; the pork belly was super fatty which would have a complement if the crispy roasted skin wasn't insanely tough! It was a bit overwhelming after a while and can you imagine that i actually left one piece untouched. Even the BBQ corn failed to remedy the situation; not buttery enough and there's a strange tinge of sourness. 


Potato Head Beach Club,
Seminyak, Bali Island, 


Altitude Farms Pork Belly - 155,000 rupiahs
(subject to 8% tax and 10% service charge)

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