Sunday, September 03, 2017

Accompanying My Dad

Ever since i scrapped my car last March and moved in to my own flat last April, laziness sets in and i honestly don't enjoying out on weekends; this means i have less of a bonding time with my dad. 

Taking advantage of the recent long weekend, i brought him to Singapore Discovery Centre; would have loved to bring him for nature walks early in the morning but i couldn't bring myself out of my comfortable bed!  

It's fun going through the various exhibits although i think he found them to be a tad too boring given the techie ways of using some of the exhibits. There were historical stuff too; like the above public phone which was already obsolete for about two decades. 

We even decided to drop by the Army Museum (free for citizens) and had fun shooting the M16 rifle (i got the perfect score despite the fact that i am not of combat vocation)! 

Equally interesting were the numerous exhibits of retired army vehicles at the outdoor where there's even a mini training circuit for kids. 

It would have been memorable for someone who has gone through national service as an army recruit but my dad was actually from the police force! And i was from the air force! 

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