Saturday, September 16, 2017

Coconut Wheels - The Powered Up Special Candies on Candy Crush I Hate!

Yes, i am still playing candy crush and with the strategies mentioned here, i am frequently on the top of the game, together with a few friends who are just as obsessed as me to clear the levels all the way until the "to be continued" message.

Aside from the daily booster spin and the candy drops collection jar, there's now the daily treat which would greatly assist your gameplay with more powered up candies that you can use to solve the difficult levels! 

The ones i absolutely love would be the colour bomb, lollipop hammer and free switch! However, i have been getting one that has limited use as it's not common available for usage at the levels! 

No prize for guessing which one since i have already indicated it in the subject title and hints have been dropped in the past few photos. 

Coconut wheel and i am already having close to 400 and the number doesn't drops as i never get to use them! Please, please Candy Crush God, give me MORE of the three power-ups i like so much! 

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