Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mom's Birthday 2017

September is the month of many birthdays for my immediate family members and you can be guaranteed that i would have individual blog postings for each of them; first of which would be my dearest mom! 

She and her two darlings; in time to come, i believe i could make out a nice photo collage of her and the kids. Shall do that before the kids reach the dreaded rebellious age.

Kisses time; again, this scene might be gone in a few years' time when both Jerald and Jovyn reach puberty. Sigh, how time passes and i can really feel my age nowadays. Put it this way, there's only three more years before i reach the big 40.

A couple more photographs before dimming the lights for the customary birthday song! 

Nowadays, the singing has been cut down from the past four different versions to only two; English and Chinese. Latter is important as mom is predominantly a Chinese speaker. 

Mom was making a wish whereas Jovyn was simply gunning to be the first to blow out the candles! Hey, that's reserved only for the birthday gal! 

She purposely ignored our pleas and laughed heartily when she succeeded! My mom must be thinking:"there goes my chance for a hit at the TOTO jackpot". 

Finally, the birthday gal managed to cut her birthday cake in peace as Jovyn's sole interest was in blowing out the candles! The 'cake' is a charcoal Swiss roll that's once again baked by me! 

Tasted all right although texture was a bit dry. Filling was matcha jam from O'Sulloc; courtesy from the Great Kon who travelled to South Korea recently! 

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