Saturday, September 02, 2017

Hazards of Driving in Hokkaido - I Felt Sorry for the Butterflies and Bees @ Japan

Just yesterday, i shared the steps necessary to self-drive in Hokkaido but there's one point i had missed out; the hazards and from the signs we noticed along the roads / highways, there's a risk of deer / fox becoming roadkill.

In some parts of Hokkaido, bears can be an issue too although i can easily see a bear than i could with a fox. As considerate drivers, we should always be alert to keep a lookout and maintain a safe speed limit. 

Nevertheless, i didn't see any of those animals when we were on the road; for better or for worse. However, with an abundance of blooming flowers all over the place, there were a lot of butterflies and bees and they had the tendency to get in our car's way! 

I honestly didn't think too much about them even though i did see them around and only found out on day three that bees were found to be stuck to the front grilles of the Nissan Note!

Hoping they were just stuck and alive, not dead, i realised, to my horror, that we were in fact murderers as they were as stiff as a rock.....

We were not speedster and i frankly wouldn't know how to avoid a bee when it flew directly towards us. Furthermore, this is coming from a person who had a hornet stinging his head out of the blue in Bandung!

On second thought, i should have brought back one home as a memento as i never had the same experience in Singapore in my ten over years of driving. 

By the way, butterflies were frequent victims too. The sad thing is that the bees had their bodies intact; the butterflies were just a squished glob of organic materials. Amen. 


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