Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dad & Jerald's Birthday 2017

My dad's birthday is just a few days away from my nephew's and as i couldn't manage two cakes at one go, i decided to just bake a decent one for a joint celebration! 

To be honest, i am quite proud of the strawberry cake as it was a lot of work to make a natural yet concentrated strawberry puree and i had a hard time smoothing the butter cream cheese.

Cake aside; let's bring the focus back to the two birthday boys! Dad is officially 65 years old now whereas Jerald is 55 years younger! 

It's not easy getting the rest to get into the picture as they are fully aware it would appear on this blog. Not everyone is as easygoing as Jovyn.

Mom happily joined in too but the picture turned out blur. :( The primary fault is obviously on the cameraman for not being able to control his "models".

Singing the "song" and this time, in three languages! 

Note the cheekiness in her smile and you would roughly guess what she had done. The brat had kill-steal the candle blowing from her very own grandpa! Terrible! 

Kisses time for the oldest member in this family.

Cutting the cake by the grandpa and the grandson. Now that i took the effort to make cake for my family members (and some friends), the cake-cutting always brought forth an anticipation on reviews; for better or for worse. 

While the combined strawberry cream cheese and butter cream was well received, even i was a tad disappointed with the texture of the cake; too dense and overly hard. Guess i should use the Asian recipe for soft, fluffy cake in the future.

Happy Birthday, Dad & Jerald! 

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