Thursday, July 27, 2017

Steamed Corn in Sukawati Art Market @ Ubud [Bali, Indonesia]

Manned by a chain smoking uncle with unblinking eyes that pierced right through me when i was taking a picture of the street lined with art shops on both sides; i honestly don't think i would dare to buy anything from his mobile stall. 

After i was done taking tons of pictures, i walked back to find Alex gnawing at a ear of steamed corn. Looking around, the only one that's convenient was owned by the chain smoker. 

Since Alex was the one who bought at 2 for 20,000 rupiahs, i happily took half a ear and sank my teeth into its middle; even though there wasn't the buttery saltiness found in Singapore's steamed corn, this took the cake for having a wholesome sweetness that's not cloying enough for me to feel unhealthy! 

Good enough for me to take the other half for myself too! 


Location Map
As above (red star). i just checked google map of street view and the same man was captured, with his mobile cart but without his cigarette.

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