Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pasar Umum Sukawati - The Local Market @ Ubud [Bali, Indonesia]

I don't have an eye for the arts and when thrown into the sukawati arts market at Ubud in Bali, boredom overwhelmed me in no time! Seeking an injection of freshness, a fellow travel mate said i should cross the road to check out Pasar Umum Sukawati. 

Given i only had another 10 minutes before the official meet-up with the driver, i glanced up towards the second floor, decided that there's nothing much and quickly walked ahead. 

The enticing aroma of satay stopped me in my tracks; i contemplated buying a few sticks to check out but was pulled back by Alex who always has a deep set aversion towards street food unless he is with the great Kon. 

Fresh fruits for sale! Strangely, i don't take a lot of fruits unlike in the case when i am at home, where i would often have an orange, banana, guava with preserved orange peel or a bowl of frozen grapes after dinner. 

Entering the market which was dark and super duper cramped; I can't imagine the stuffiness if i were to arrive earlier together with the early morning crowd. 

Baskets and baskets of produce; mom would be familarised with them and might even be able to whip up a nice Singaporean meal with the ingredients. Trust me, she might even buy a packet of red chilli if it was the local fresh specialty in the region.

Such market amazes me; despite the supposed visual disorganization, there's a compartmentalized tidiness that made it easier for customers to find what they want.

Trays and trays of eggs; reminding me that i should think about what to bake tomorrow for my weekly bakes! Chiffon cake? banana cake? Or something from the internet?

Those particular with cleanliness may find it hard to use the eggs as many were caked in chicken poo! And yes, i can smell them at this distance. 

This picture doesn't quite depict the tightness of space as the passage was wider due to the existence of an opposite row of shops that seemed to be shuttered for good.

You know what the market reminded me of? The market at Old Nee Soon where my kampong used to be in. However, it was a wet market and the stench was memorable, in a negative way.

Floor wise i couldn't recall if it was cement screed or a material similar to what's at Pasar Umum Sukawati. I only remember i hate to visit the old nee soon market when it was raining / after it had rained! 

Last look before we rushed off to catch our ride! 


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