Thursday, July 20, 2017

McDonald's Breakfast - Hotcakes @ Kuta, Bali Island [Indonesia]

I was looking forward to having breakfast at Flapjaks but the confirmation that it would open at 8.00 am didn't materialise and we were forced to make do with the next alternative; see the M logo?

Now, i could have looked further for a local breakfast but we honestly didn't have much time with a tour to the outskirts starting in less than an hour's time! Anyway, i figured that McDonald's quality should be consistent globally and went ahead with my favourite purchase; hotcakes! 

Boy was i disappointed; they were not fluffy and there's a dryness that left a very bad taste in your mouth. Hoping that the maple syrup and butter would help to remedy the situation, it was again a major letdown; the butter didn't have that sinfully buttery taste we get in Singapore. 

For only 28,000 rupiahs, the meal was cheaper than Singapore although i would have gladly paid a bit more for better tasting pancakes. Nothing's lost yet though; the tea was surprisingly unlike the one we have in Singapore. It came in a little box and you can choose from a few types. 

I got calming lemongrass as i was already pissed to have ingested a lousy breakfast. The box came with a big sachet of lemongrass tea that would not have looked out of place from any high-class cafe! Was it aromatic? Definitely, and it left a relaxed smile on my face. :)


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