Sunday, July 23, 2017

Canang Sari - The Flower Offerings Seen Daily at Bali [Indonesia]

First time travellers to Bali would have noticed the many trays of flower offering placed literally everywhere; from temples, statues, roadsides to even underneath the goods cabinet in supermarkets! 

What exactly are they for although i think we all know there's definitely a religious purpose to their existence, given Bali's strong Hinduism culture?

I was curious and checked Mr Google for an answer. There's a term to this offering and it's known as Canang Sari - literally meaning essence (sari) in a coconut-leaf basket (canang). There are meanings to the colourful use of the flowers and you may read more here

Canang Sari is offered daily as a form of thanks to the gods and can be made by both men and women. In the past, its importance for the Balinese women is on the same level as knowing how to cook for the family! Economic advances for the fairer sex mean it's not as enforced nowadays. Furthermore, you can readily buy one from the local market! 

As they are almost everywhere, do be mindful where you step as it's deemed to be disrespectful, especially the ones with a burning incense stick! I unfortunately stepped on one as i was occupied with taking photos and you know what i did? I prayed and said sorry; as i would have done if my feet accidentally land on a bed of prayer offerings in Singapore. 


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