Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ - Set for 2 @ Bugis Junction [Singapore]

Restaurants with numerous branches all over Singapore can put me in a dilemma as I always feel that quality should be consistent across all stores and it doesn't make sense for me to blog about the food that came from the same restaurant; just a different branch.

However, it's a different story if the item I ordered was never shared in this blog. I know I am cutting it a bit too short here but a set for four is absolutely not the same as a set for two at Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ!

Anyway, this branch is conveniently located in Singapore's downtown (i.e. Bugis) and I thought it would be worth a mention here. p.s. didn't want to waste the photos that I took and my original post on Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ; it's the branch at ORTO which was located in a town with much negative publicity.

Given that the bugis junction outlet is housed within the shopping mall, charcoal fire would not be allowed for safety reason and the skillet, in this case, would be gas-powered instead. Would there be any difference? We would find out soon.

Before then, let's have a cup of ice cold lemongrass! It's a Thai cuisine day for me as I had Ah Loy Thai just a few hours before Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ. Compared to the lemongrass drink at Ah Loy Thai, this was less sweet yet better tasting; so much so that I requested for another cup in the middle of my meal.

Our set for two which was honestly more than sufficient for both Alex and me.

Meat wise - you can find "marinated chicken thigh, pork collar, prawns, squids, sukiyaki, bacon, pork belly, fishballs, meatballs, crabsticks and otah fishcakes".

Others included "chinese cabbage, kangkong, corn, enoki mushrooms, egg, glass noodles and tofu". A relatively healthy combination although the meat lover in me would have loved to replace all non-meat items. 

Grease the skillet with the fatty meat! I was looking around for pork lard and thought this was more pork belly, albeit with a lot more fats. Whatever, it did a beautiful job in oiling the surface for my upcoming BBQ materials. 

Meat was marinated so well and tasted delish even though there was a noticeable lack of that char-grill aroma that came from charcoal fire! 

Dip the meat into the restaurant's signature chili; it was spicier, less sweet and more watery than my favourite Kimball Thai chilli sauce. Shiok to have but my tongue suffers from the constant spiciness; lemongrass drink to the rescue!

Alex had more than his usual and I cannot imagine I actually ingested the majority of the ingredients swimming in the boiling, flavourful broth. Mix in a bit of the chili for that extra oomph! 

Saving that last piece for my personal indulgence. 


200 Victoria Street,
#02-53, Bugis Junction,
Singapore 188021

Nearest MRT Station
Bugis (Exit C)


Lemongrass Drink - S$3.50
Set for 2 - S$34.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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