Monday, July 31, 2017

Dogs at Sukawati Art Market in Ubud @ Bali [Indonesia]

Having dogs running on the street is a common sight in Bali and that's quite a surprise since Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country, with Bali being the unique one for having a population that believes mostly in Hinduism. 

While pet dogs are more the norm in urban areas like Kuta, stray dogs took the position when i was at Sukawati Art Market in Ubud and i didn't even travel far. Most appeared malnourished with bad skin problem! 

I remember an article circulating in Singapore's local media that unscrupulous operators are selling dog meat as satay in Bali and if the dogs indeed came from strays, i don't think it's good / safe for consumption. 

Not that i condone eating of dog meat but i have always opined that there are differing cultures all over the world and a dog is no difference from a chicken; it's still a life.

On happier matters, not all dogs are strays; some were kept by shop owners and much better groomed with shiny, frequently-brushed fur and watery, puppy eyes.


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