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Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) - The One That Is Further Away @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Instructions from the website was simple enough and we were supposed to take exit 5 at Udom Suk BTS station and hail a cab to the second train market we visited in the recent Bangkok trip. 

And so we did, obediently. 

There wasn't a designated cab stand but a police officer was on duty and resulted was a natural queue for which cabs would stop to pick up passengers. The police presence might have contributed to a rare situation where the cab driver automatically switched on the meter and didn't haggle for a fixed rate. 

The journey took less than 25 minutes; no thanks to the taxi driver who appeared to be rather in a hurry to drop us off and there were moments i felt that my life was in grave danger! 

He didn't even bother to stop right at the entrance of Srinakarin Train Market (location marker was a replica of a wooden ship in the above photo) although we were more than happy to pay the 75 baht and cross the main road ourselves. No point arguing with him! 

For a local experience, do try the song-thaew; the little pick up truck with shelter as shown in the picture. It's funny that i didn't see any tuk tuk at this area; not sure if they are disallowed from travelling to the outskirts. 

Crossing the road via the overhead pedestrian bridge which linked to Seacon Square. There were quite a few shopping complexes in the area, including the aforementioned Seacon Square, Paradise Park and Haha 55 Mall. Personally, i would consider turning up earlier, check out the malls and then proceed to the train market when night falls. 

The wooden ship replica as mentioned. Frankly, i wouldn't know what those Thai words mean. However, the symbol of a train is a giveaway that we arrived at the right place! 

Official entrance to the market started with the bulldog; okay, i do mean the covered walkway next to the bar. Now, i have blogged about the ratchada train market earlier; this one at srinakarin was in fact the authentic one and moved to this location when the government decides to take back the land it used to sit on. 

Anyway, a whole bunch of photographs for your viewing pleasure! Compared to ratchada train market, the structures here were more purpose built and gave me the feel of Asiatique the Riverfront; albeit a lower end, messier version. 

Apparently the icon of a dim sum restaurant. 

Pop art displays for the boring white walls at home which was a bit pricey at 299 baht a piece! Having said that, I might just purchase a few to spruce up the walls.

Who in the right mind would purchase the orange shirt? Well, unless it is for a themed party, i doubt anyone would want to wear a shirt that proudly proclaimed the wearer was from Alcatraz psycho ward. It was on sale though. 

Pet food and accessories; in the past, i always made it a point to check what was available! In many cases, the prices were way cheaper and the designs (of clothes, collars etc) were much better. 

A pet grooming salon right next door. 

LED clocks that i have seen in Singapore too. Maybe i should get this for my new house rather than using the conventional hour-hand, minute-hand, second-hand, clock. 

Many shops in Zone A were catered for those who like to have a beer or two. 

Hair Salon - i can just imagine how high the rental would be for the shop as the walkway was the official way to get deeper into the train market. Oh ya, i almost got a hair cut but when i was done, the salon was already about to close. 

Shoes for sale - this would not have looked out of place even in a place like Pratunam; which begets the question if this train market was indeed as good as it was said to be. 

First thing on our mind - must satisfy the tummy as the rest of our travel mates have yet to have dinner! 

Just a sample of what you can expect from the two long rows of food stalls! One thing to note is that many of the female stall operators were wearing tudungs, which i infer would mean the food from those stalls is likely to be suitable for our Muslim friends. 

The meat buns we purchased were not good; i very much preferred the juicier, meatier version we have in Singapore even though they would be much more expensive too.

BBQ chicken skewers were much tastier! The meat was soft with a thick layer of fats that had been slathered with a generous amount of sweet marination!

Disappointing and likely had been cooked much earlier. 

Deep fried milk balls were interestingly good! 

This barbecued squid was alright.

Finally had the chance to try the salt grilled fish and at only 150 baht (about S$7), this would one fish that everyone should order if they ever get a chance. 

From what i remember, the skin was inedible and once you uncover the salt-crusted skin, the meat right beneath was surprisingly soft and tender with just a slight hint of saltiness. Mom would love this!

After a chill-out session at Makura Cat Cafe, it's time to check out the rest of the train market. Maybe because i was feeling quite moody after having my bag soaked in cat urine, i didn't really enjoy the rest of the night even though i did try. Hence, do take the rest of the entry with a pinch of salt and let the pictures do the taking! :)

I have always wanted a pair of Onitsuka Tigers shoes and thought these were not fake. One touch on the sole and i know it's not the real thing.

Seeing the friendly dogs did perk me up a little bit.

Kimonos for sale; as some of you are aware, Japanese stuff are big in Thailand and there's a sizable Japanese community in the country. 

Oops, didn't realise the no-photography sign in the background. I must be really blind to have missed the notices! Whatever the case, pretty lampshades and unique light bulbs which can be found at taobao! 

Toy shop called toylism; i would have gotten such things and displayed them at home when i was younger. It eventually dawned on me that they were simply dust collectors as i don't really see them beyond their ornamental purpose.

An entire shop space reserved to store soft toys; many of them nostalgic to those borne before 1980s. It was really used as a store with limited walking space for customers! 


Internal walkways within the two main blocks; those familiar with Asiatique the Riverfront would be able to draw some comparisons between the two.

An old-school cafe that reminded me so much of those pictures we see from the 80s and earlier! Even the lady in the photo appeared to be dressed for the scene! 

This tee complemented the tattoos perfectly! Having a tattoo on my body had been thought through for a long time yet at my current age, i think i am ready to give a miss unless i find an amazing design that proves to be irresistible! 

Instead of having normal, picture perfect photos to hang on your walls, why not consider these less than perfect version which exudes a certain charm as well.

Other photos.

Now on the open air section, also known as the makeshift stalls area. In my opinion, these kind of temporary stalls do have some hidden gems and prices might be cheaper, after bargaining. 

Owners are also more creative in their display, given the limited space.

Hm..... i still deliberating on the need to have some plants in the house as unlike my dad, i don't have a green thumb and plants under my care end up dying, even cacti. 

Pinkish stall - hello kitty merchandise; synonymous with the colour pink!

Fortune teller - Alex is a great disbeliever and i bet he was listening so that he can give his retort. Thankfully the language was in Thai. As for me, i don't like to know my future. 

Hello Kitty bikini for Jovyn although i think this was a bit of a squeeze for her now. Have you seen her tummy lately?! Mom's birthday is coming and you shall see more photos of the kids in this blog soon.

More pictures of the outdoor stalls.

Last photo - by the time we left, it was already 11 o'clock with many food outlets in the midst of packing up. Hence, do visit earlier next time. p.s. 30 - 40 minutes were spent at Makura Cat Cafe.


Srinakarin Soi 51, Bangkok
(behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall)

Facebook Page

Train Market Map
As above

Additional Information
A Muslim prayer room was available! 

Parking is available for those who drive. Not for me as traffic in Bangkok is a big challenge and it's harder when i don't even understand the written language.

For my summarised itinerary to Bangkok in 2015 
(4 days, 3 nights), click here


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Hi, is it hard getting a taxi back to your hotel? I really want to visit this place next month, but i am afraid that getting taxi back to my hotel would be difficult

    1. It wasn't too bad for us but please be prepared to pay for non-metered fares. Have a great trip!


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